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Keeping yards poop free, one scoop at a time by a company established in The Woodlands.

Price List

*Prices do not include 8.25% tax 

Happy Dog panting in grass

3 times per week- $13 each visit

Three dogs holding a stick together outside in the grass

2 times per week- $15 each visit

Brown lab laying in the grass panting

1 time per week- $17 each visit

A small dog panting laying in green grass

Deodorizer- $10 each application

A yellow lab with a thousand yard start sitting in grass

Haul away of poo- FREE!!!

Keeping Your Yard Poop-Free!

Pets have the tendency to leave special presents in random places throughout our yards.

When you call The Poo Pro, you can expect high-quality pooper scooper service. Services available in The Woodlands.  Have a clean and poop-free yard with our help!



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