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Meet The Hardworking Team

Owner, MollyAnne with her dog, Clyde

How It All Started 

Who would want to start a pooper scooper company? There’s such a thing as a pooper scooper services?  Is there a dog poop removal service near me?  These are the exact same questions I had the very first time I saw a pet waste cleanup truck while Clyde, my dog, and I were on one of our daily walks. I didn’t think much about it at first. About six months later, we saw them again.

I became intrigued. I looked into what poop scooping service was, what they offered, and how legit the business really was.  

I then began looking for a job as a pooper scooper. It appeared to have everything I was looking for in a job. Being around dogs, being outside, being physically active, and being independent. I was hooked on the idea.  I looked for other dog waste removal companies near me. I found there were a few but not many.  I started to consider that maybe I should start my very own dog poop removal business.

After a few months went by I finally decided to go ahead and start my very own pet waste removal company from the ground up that incorporated my values, beliefs, and vision for a company. I wanted a company that I could guarantee would put pets and people before profits.

The Poo Pro was born. And who better else to take along with me on the bumpy ride of a poop pick up company formation than my best friend, Clyde. It was a no brainer to make him my brand ambassador and the face of The Poo Pro.

About Clyde  (2012-2021)

I adopted Clyde from the Conroe Animal Shelter in June of 2012. He was only 4 months old and a bundle of energy ready to join a family. The volunteers at the shelter assured me that he was a good dog that just needed some discipline. And boy, he needed discipline. While he was excited to join the family, he had a lot to learn.


I had 2 cats that he saw as toys. I worked hard to teach him to respect their boundaries. I had to teach him to not eat my furniture. In the first 6 months with me he ate an entire welcome mat, a baseball, and a full box of tissues.


Clyde worked really hard to be the good boy I knew he could be. He was a really wonderful dog and sidekick.


He loved to eat, swim, beg for food, bark at people who walked the greenbelt behind the house, eat, cuddle with his cat siblings, beg for food, play at day camp, eat, watch tv with me in the evenings, and last but not least, beg for food.

Black and white dog, Clyde, sitting on a green couch

About Clifford​​

After Clyde passed away, the house immediately became quiet and lonely. I could not live without a dog. I went back to the Conroe Animal Shelter and immediately saw a small bridle pup. He was calm and had the sweetest eyes ever. I took him out to the shelter's yard and hung out with him to see if I felt he was a good fit for the home. Having 2 senior cats at home, I thought it would be best to get a dog that was not as hyper. Clifford seemed like he could get along well with the cats. I brought him home and he immediately made himself comfortable. An initial visit at our vet found he had a respiratory infection. 3 days after starting antibiotics he became and endless bundle of energy. But, the family continued to welcome him and everyone got along. He has more energy than I've ever seen in a dog. The day camp where he stays agrees. They have reported he runs around nonstop for the entire stay. I love him to bits and can't wait to see what adventures we go on.

About Dixie

One day while walking Clifford, an elderly neighbor that I had waved hi to regularly stopped me.  He said he was moving out of state to be closer to his children.  He was moving into an apartment for seniors and they would not allow him to bring his dog.  He wanted to find a good home for her and asked if I would be willing to add her to my family.  Immediately I said I would.  He was absolutely relieved.  Dixie has been with us since March 2022.  She is 11 years old.  Like Clifford, she made herself at home and is getting along with everyone.  She is way more mellow than Clifford.  She enjoys hanging out and watching TV with the family and helping out with chores.  She is always "helping out" around the house.  She has been a wonderful addition to the family.

Black Lab dog, Dixie, sitting in the back of the car

What We Believe

We believe in putting pets and people before profits.

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